The red Lion in Leek - The Place to Be

Dating back to the 18th century, THE RED LION, a central landmark to the MARKET PLACE, has held a prominent position as a social hub for historical events, meetings and a whole host of ENTERTAINMENT and going’s on for centuries.

Included in these times-gone-by are the FAMOUS Bostock and Wombwell Dynasty, famed for their presentation of travelling MENAGERIES exhibiting new and EXOTIC animals from around the world.

Today, the Red Lion is THE PLACE TO BE with our very own menagerie of drinks, live music, sports and SPECTACULAR food.

A place to meet FRIENDS, sip tipples from around the world and enjoy tantalising dishes!

Best place to eat out in Leek - The Red Lion
What's on in Leek at The Red Lion
Best place to go for drinks in Leek at The Red Lion